So what are the Ellenborough Challenges???

These are challenges we set from time to time, may it be an individual challenge or a team challenge. They tend to be team challenges to get as many members involved as possible, but it has been known for crazy individuals to attempt something solo with help from others as support. Relay runs over a set of fells, in an attempt to set a quick time, is an idea of what these can entail. The challenges are never easy and are aimed at testing everyone to the max. It makes the end result much more satisfying. 

On top of these challenges we do a yearly one at Xmas. Call it our Xmas party if you may. So what are the Xmas runs? These runs are usually long and testing. Given the time of year the weather is also an element that adds something extra to these. We all run together in a group, it's almost a social run....... yet a very testing one....

Below are links to the two different challenges which contain brief write up's of previous challenges.