HBMR 2010

The Ian Hodgson Relays 2010 On October 3rd 2010, Ellenborough AC put together a team of runners to compete in the Ian Hodgson Mountain Relay. It was only the second time Ellenborough had contested in this event. We put together a team in 2009 and introduced Ellenborough AC to the fellrunning fraternity. On this occasion we finished 32nd of 66 teams. Not bad for a team of eight, three of whom were over 50 years old. For 2010 we had ambitions to do better. We had gained a couple of good runners in Richard Mc Grath and Gavin Pattinson. Paul Richardson, at 16 years, was eligible to run the short leg with a senior runner (with short legs). Ricky and Brian were […]

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