Coledale Horseshoe 2019

This years race will take place on Saturday 6th April (2019).


There is parking on the opposite side of the A66 to Briathwaite Village, this is on a disused side road, and the restriction of 2 hours has been lifted by Allerdale for this race.


Registration is at Bratihwaite Lodge (which is also the start) and will be sign posted from the parking area and is approx 10 minutes walk.

Note- please take care crossing the A66 this is a busy fast road.

This years race will be PRE ENTRY only. This will be done via Results Base (See Register button below, Entries now open). Pre entries will be required to sign for your number confirming your emergency details and car reg you have travelled in. If you have registered but can no longer make the race, you can transfer your entry to A. N. Other via the link in the Transfer Entry Button (also below)

If you sign for your number and for some reason DO NOT START,  you must inform the race organiser so we can confirm the number of starters.

NOTE:- This race is classified ‘non-GPS’ (NG), the use of any electronic device to delineate a route, to display current position on a map, or as a compass, will be prohibited. If such a device is used in an emergency situation then that competitor should retire from the race and declare themselves non-competitive. The use of such a device to display distance travelled, time, speed or altitude will be allowed, as will recording of an actual route for post-race analysis.

The start through the village is marshalled, but please consider other road users and local residents.

The 1st Checkpoint is Grisedale Pike, then Crag Hill and finally Barrow.

Marshall's will be in radio contact with the start , any retirements please inform the marshal to avoid any unnecessary call outs to the MRT.