Xmas Run 2022 – Lakes 5 Passes

Lakes 5 Passes

The Annual Elbra Xmas Run (2022).

Given the recent weather, and last years washout, we decided to be sensible and avoid the higher tops.
We used the Lakes 4 Passes route as a base, adding in Stake Pass to make it 5 passes and take it over 20 mile (22.5 mile and shy of 8,000ft in total).
We seemed to have struck a bit of luck with the weather and it was dry when we set off from Wasdale Head. Although windy, it stayed dry as we headed over Black Sail, Scarth Gap, Honister, and until we got to the Langstrath valley. We actually started to think it might have been possible to go higher after all, and this was all going to be rather easy. But, this is the Lake District after all! While heading up the Langstrath valley, feet fully submerged in freezing cold water, we got hit by hail and rain showers. As we headed over Stake pass the rain really started with wind gusts almost blowing us off the path.
At angle tarn, soaked through from the constant rain, we started getting cold. The gusts of wind had picked up, so much so that it actually blew a few over to the floor. By the time we reached Esk Hause we were all ready to get off the fell and into dry clothes. At least it was all downhill via Sty Head from here.
It wasn’t too long before we were out of the rain and having a pint in Ritsons Bar at the Wasdale Head Inn.
Another good xmas run out.
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year all
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