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Ellenborough AC
Ellenborough AC
Midweek races.

After a day's work what better way to clear the mind.........

Wednesday was Netherhall AC's suitably named Netherhall 10k. Now we don't often run on the roads but we do every now and again, especially at local events. Ricky Lightfoot and Daz Wylie both attended the event.
A fantastic 107 runners took to it. Ricky continued his good form, following 2 wins on the fells recently, with another win. Taking 1st place in 32:37. Which was just outside the course record of 32:31.
Daz also put in a great run, finishing in 16th place in a time of 40:41.

Well done everyone.

Up next, Steel Fell Race. Organised by Scoffer and Borrowdale Fell Runners. Steel Fell is traditionally held the Wednesday after Borrowdale Fell Race. Giving many runners the chance to do the double. Free entry, no kit requirement, no prizes. Just a run up and down the steep fell. Brilliant.
A record turnout too, around 115 (We think)
However this year could prove to be the last, due to the sale of the farm. Hopefully not but we'll wait and see 🤞.

3 Elbra lads were out. Chris Knowles, who was first back, followed by Shaun Atkinson then Nick Ray (places unknown).
The short route heads out of the farm and takes on a steep climb of around 1800ft heading to the summit and returning the same way to the finish. The return leg is notorious for the steep grass bank which burns the thighs, as you try to get down as quick as possible. Others try to avoid the burn by taking other measures to get to the bottom. See Nick Ray in the photo 🤣
Rumours are a pair of shorts had to be binned afterwards 😬

📸 Grand Day Out Photography
Ellenborough AC
Ellenborough AC
Borrowdale Fell Race weekend.

To many it's the pinnacle race of the fell running calendar. A tough race that covers all types of terrain. Steep climbs, steep descents, bogs, rocks, scree and grassy banks. For this year an added extra was thrown in for a little extra torture, blazing heat. Many runners really did struggle with it, a large number of retirees this year 45 in total.

While we are on about the heat, lets cast our mind back a week to Ambleside Sports day and the Heart of the Lakes Rydal Round. The hottest day recorded on record in England (25/07/19). We had 2 runners out, heading out of the sports field up to Nab Scar and then onto Fairfield. Before the long decent back into the field for the finish via High Pike. There is no water on the route so the runners really did have to suffer it.
Ricky Lightfoot didn't seem to let the heat bother him too much, as he came home with a comfortable win over the 10 mile route. Noting that he kept himself just below the red to ensure he didn't blow up in the heat.
Dava Williams didn't fair anywhere near as well. He really struggled in the heat. Early on he thought about calling it quits as he had already ran out of water. He did manage to carry on to the finish, but was lower down the order than he would like. In a pretty bad way at the finish line. The only thing to help was plenty of fluids and a dip in the beck to bring the body temperature back down. There was many runners getting medical help at the end, it was that tough.

Well done everyone that finished that one.

Back on to Borrowdale.
This time we had 4 runners to brave the heat.
1st round was Ricky Lightfoot, completing the seventeen miles and the 6,500 feet of ascent (approx), taking in Bessyboot, Esk Hause, Scafell Pike, Great Gable, Honister Hause and Dale Headt. Taking the win in the process. It seemed another comfortable day out winning by over 5 mins in 3:03:57.
That's Ricky's 7th win at Borrowdale. With Simon Booth holding the record of 12. It'll be really tough to try beat that record as the competition is getting tougher and tougher. But I'm sure he'll give it a good go.
Next home, Dava Williams. Fairing much better in the heat than last week. Pacing himself just right and taking on plenty of water to help get him round. Finishing 44th in 4:04:15.
Shaun Atkinson was next to cross the finish line. However Shaun had a similar day to Dava at Rydal. Possible Heat Exhaustion. The heat just sapped any energy he had out of him. But he managed to drag himself round to the finish. 144th in 4:52:48.
Nick Ray also entered and like Shaun struggled in the heat. Nick's Ideal weather for a fell race is claggy with next to no visibility and a nice cooling rain. This was the polar opposite, and didn't agree with Nick. At the top of the 1st climb (Bessyboot) he wanted to call it a day as he was feeling crap. He carried on till Esk Hause where he thought it wasn't his day. So instead of making the climb to Scafell Pike he bailed down to Styhead. Where he handed over his energy supplies to hand out to other runners, before making his way back to the finish field.

282 runners took to the start, 237 making the finish. Well done everyone who attempted the race.

#elbra 💪

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Grand Day Out Photography
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Ellenborough AC
Ellenborough AC
Looking back over the last couple of weeks, we had some of the lads out racing over a mixed set of races.

1st up. Derwent AC's Lambfoot Loop. A 10k road race, albeit not as flat as many of the road races out there . We are not often recognised for our running on the tarmac. But every now and again we like to get one in.
Peter Kemp attended this one. Putting in a good show, coming home high up the field in 13th place out of 143. Time 40:09. Brilliant stuff.

The week after it was back to normal. A fell race. An out and back to the summit of Skiddaw. Although it's probably classed more as a trail race due to sticking to the path all the way up and down. It's not a pretty race on the old feet, one that is notorious for giving blisters. Runners are advised not to wear traditional fell shoes as the paths are mainly hard with no bogs to contend with.
Alex Roberts was one of the 2 Elbra runners out. Coming home in 19th in 1:24:06.
Followed by Peter Kemp on more familiar ground, finishing in 32nd in 1:29:17.
111 runners competed on the day.

The last race to catch up on was the extremely tough Wasdale Fell Race. The last counter in the Super Long category for the Lakeland Classics Trophy.
The day was really hot just like last year. 24 runners had to retire showing just how tough it was. The route takes in the following summits/checkpoints: Whin Rigg, Seatallan, Pillar, Great Gable, Esk Hause shelter, Scafell Pike and Lingmell. 21 Mile and around 9,000ft of ascent.

Richard McGrath was our sole runner in the event. Finding it really tough in the heat but still managed a cracking run. 14th overall in 4:42:02.

Interestingly a walker came across the many runners while on the summit of Scafell Pike. He posted on Instagram a photo (of Rich) and a few words.
"So far, Scafell Pike is the highest peak I’ve ever climbed. Whilst I was there complaining my thighs were aching, fell runners were whizzing past!

I swear, these people are part crazy, part machine and part awesomeness.

Whatever your skill level, the UK outdoors has got a lot of options to offer. Get yourself out there!"

Well done everyone racing.
Excellent running #Elbra 💪

📸 Grand Day Out Photography @ Lambfoot Loop
Dean @ Skiddaw
Rowell Heria @ Wadale


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