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Ellenborough AC

Ellenborough AC was started in 1958 by Raymond & Mary Thompson. A small running club based in West Cumbria. In 2009 a senior men’s team was put together and introduced Ellenborough AC to the fell running fraternity. Although we run in all forms, it’s fell running where we are mainly associated.
Ellenborough AC
Ellenborough AC2 months ago
Our social media presence is a little lacking these days. However, we are really proud of our small club at getting a team out at the Hodgsons Brothers Mountain Relay every year.
This year being no different. The lads did well coming home slightly quicker than last year. Finishing 25th overall.

It’s a brilliant race/event where we spend most of the day taking the pi$$ out of each other. We wouldn’t have it any other way. The other part of the day, racing. With 4 runners having a slightly easier day than the other 4 😂
Next years aim is to be the runner that’s having the easier day 😉

Ellenborough AC
Ellenborough AC8 months ago
We had plenty of lost property left behind from Saturday. Most has been claimed, but we have got a very nice w.proof jkt that was left in the female changing area. If they can tell me the colour, make & size they can have it 👍🏻

Ellenborough AC
Ellenborough AC8 months ago


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